Welcome to the Nanny State

Not us, but the Europeans.

Europeans chafe under New Year ‘nanny state’ laws

Europe started 2008 with a raft of new laws against smoking, air pollution and even junk food adverts, but some grumbled that the New Year’s resolutions from the “nanny state” cramped their style.And your smoking cramped my breathing.

Germany, France and Portugal joined many of their neighbours with anti-smoking bans in bars, restaurants and cafes from January 1, lifting the grey haze that was part of their romantic atmosphere for more than a century.

Since when is lung cancer romantic?

In car-crazy Germany, drivers in major cities including the capital Berlin faced restrictions barring smog-producing vehicles from their centres while the northern Italian city of Milan imposed tolls on the heaviest polluters.

Just where does this money go?

And Britain cracked down on television commercials for food and drink products heavy in fat, salt and sugar that target children under the age of 16 in a bid to curb obesity.

That’ll help.

Anne Cicek, manager of the Bier Bar in east Berlin, told the daily Berliner Zeitung that she would defy the rules: “We are not little children who need to be told what we cannot do.”

No, but you get what you vote for.

Writing in the left-wing Liberation newspaper, sociologist Henri Pierre Jeudy suggested the ban marked “the end of an era” for France — and a danger for personal freedoms.

What’s that saying about giving up freedoms for security? You deserve neither? Sound familiar? Just replace ‘health’ for ‘security’.

“Public health costs are being used to justify an ever more coercive control over our private lives,” he said, with France’s yen for smoky cafes now cast as “an unhealthy mistake”.

This is why it is dangerous to put the government in charge of your health care. This is just the beginning of the dominoes falling. If we could only look in the crystal ball (a good Styx tune btw) and see into the future and see where we end up. Just how pretty will it look? What rights/freedoms will you have left?

All I can say is you deserve what you vote for. I don’t need a nanny state to care for me. Do you?


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