From our ‘Northern’ neighbor.

Actually, from where I’m at it’s more like our ‘Eastern’ neighbor.

Playing Number Games With Our Dead

The following is from the CNN website…

2007 now the deadliest year for U.S. troops in Iraq

Blah, blah, blah….

CNN’s counting.. oh, and yes, blame it on the surge the left to this day calls a sham and is not working.

What got me about this story was CNN’s “attempt” to balance their coverage with a touchy-feely puff piece on soldiers returning home. Don’t get me wrong, any time a soldier comes home alive it’s a great story. But it would appear some at the major news networks are trying to play both sides of the fence, yet again. They want to appear to be “supporting the troops”, yet their anti-war agenda keeps oozing through.

Really, is anyone surprised?

But think about it. Listening to the major networks and print pubs war coverage is like listening to a football game on the radio and only hearing what they other side is doing. We hear when they score, but when we have the ball, the radio goes silent.

With that, the impression would always be that we’re behind or losing. When it comes to those against the war, that would be the desired impression to give the American people.

How many of the enemy have we killed? A simple question.

And a good one too!

So, a low estimate is that we have removed from the order of battle about 210,000 on the low end to 360,000 on the high end. This is an entire generation of jihadists, and will, if nothing else, significantly feminize Muslim society.
So those who wish to tell our nation, and the world, that we are losing the war on terror are living a lie. Those who wish to use our soldiers for political gain are no better than those shooting at them on the ground.

That radio spot offended the hell out of the usual activists. How dare I want to know how many of the enemy we’ve killed. How heartless, how cruel. I’m such a warmonger.

But it’s okay, on the other hand, to proudly display the number of Americans and Iraqis killed, primarily by the enemy, on the sides of homes, buildings, and on websites. THAT is what they consider the truth.

C’mon! We all know that the enemy is the only one that prints the ‘truth’!

So we’ve lost about 4,000 compared to 210,000 of theirs? And we’re the ones that have lost?


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