You call this ‘success’?

Russians Successfully Breed Cockroaches in Space

Russian scientists are popping the champagne corks after a cockroach called Hope conceived in space.

They say it is the first time any creature has give birth after cavorting in space.

Scientists in Vorenezh, central Russia, are now studying Hope’s 33 babies to find out how being conceived in zero gravity has affected their development.

Like we don’t have enough cockroaches? Just hope they don’t escape and take over the joint!


5 Responses to You call this ‘success’?

  1. Jenn says:

    I’ll gladly supply some to them, in fact they can come to SD and take all the Mexicans they want.

  2. Mixter says:

    Yep. Just what everyone needs: more cockroaches.

    Jenn: Not a little racist there…


  3. frznagn says:

    It’s not necessarily a racist statement. I’m sure if you look across the globe that when one population type moves into another that the people that were ‘originally’ there tends to move to another area where there are like people. Lots of people from the middle east have settled in Europe and here in the States. Do they move on a farm with no other people of similar culture? Nope. They tend to settle in the same cities near others like them. Does that make them racist? What about the reverse? When you live with lots of neighbors like yourself and they move and another type of person less like you move in. You may not feel the same way you did before* and thus you may move.

    *If I lived in an area that was very social and had lots of fun with the neighbors and they all moved out and say, Japanese people moved in and they don’t speak english. Can I have the same social activities? Probably not. I’d feel like an outcast. Therefore, if it were important to me to be with others I can associate with then I’d move.

    It may not be the best example but you get the point. My Dad is a cop and I remember the only other people he hung around with were fellow cops. He later made a comment that a lot of people don’t like having cops around because they worry about being caught doing something wrong.

    Birds of a feather flock together. Would they be considered racist for doing so?

    And hypothetically speaking, if a different group moves in and say, the crime rate shoots up dramatically…. should you have to stay to avoid being ‘racist’? Or to not complain about the change in demographics?

    Jenn- Maybe you should have said ‘Illegal Aliens’ or something like that? If we could only secure the ports and borders like the liberals want. Right?

  4. Mixter says:

    When your statement refers to “cockroaches” and then you state “take all the Mexicans,” that, my friend, is a racist statement.

    I don’t have an issue with your scenario, Frznagn, but that is not what Jenn stated.


  5. frznagn says:

    Thx. I think in many cases it really isn’t the group that people are mad at. It’s more on how they are acting. When I was in the Florida panhandle the spring breakers from Alabama would swarm the beach and trash it. Not to mention all of the other ‘side effects’ of their visiting the beaches. The locals would always get pissed off at the Alabamians and say/treat them less than nice. Damn Alabamians!! But what if they skipped one year and people from other parts of Florida came instead. If they trashed the place would the attitude be the same? Or would they say, “Oh, it’s our fellow Floridians, it’s ok then.”? I think not. It’s just a lot easier to bitch about some observable characteristic than use generic terms. I s’pose it’s a way of categorizing the problem.

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