And if this happened to a Republican….

Ohio Politician Shows Computer Picture of Nude Woman to High School Students

A state politician who was giving a lecture to high school students inserted a data memory stick into a computer and the projected image of nude woman appeared on a screen, the state highway patrol said.

The memory stick, along with a school computer used Tuesday by state Rep. Matthew Barrett, were taken into custody and were being examined, said patrol spokesman Lt. Tony Bradshaw.

Investigators interviewed Barrett and various school officials to determine if the image of the woman came from the memory stick or the school computer, Bradshaw said.

Hello? If you plug the stick in and then the pic comes up…. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist here guys!

Barrett, who was giving a civics presentation to about 20 students in a senior government class at Norwalk High School in northern Ohio, said school’s technology director looked at the memory stick and determined that it had a directory of nude images.


“I have no idea where these came from,” said Barrett, a Democrat from Amherst in northeast Ohio.

Bullshit! If all it takes is to plug it in to get the pic to pop up, then it would’ve done the same when you used it on your computer to put the presentation on it.

Barrett said there were a few snickers from students when the image of a topless woman appeared on the screen. He then immediately pulled the memory stick out of the computer.

And if the image went away….

He said he rarely used the stick, which was a gift he received about three weeks ago from a legislative liaison from the state Library of Ohio. It was not piece of state property, Barrett said.

Ah, he did use the stick. Then he should know what’s on it! I’d check his home computer too. Why? Just to see if the same images are on it. If so, then he lied. I’m sure the left really cares about lying, they sure do mention the lies that Bush says. So we’ll all see just how important lying is. Or is it only important if a Republican lies?

And as a side note- I didn’t find any lefty sites complaining about this. I’d bet my next paycheck that if this were a Republican that it’d been plastered everywhere! Can anyone truthfully deny this?


4 Responses to And if this happened to a Republican….

  1. Mixter says:

    I think the stupid S.O.B. probably used the wrong stick. Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t his, just that he should have been more careful to make sure he kept his dirty pics at home! Lefties can be stupid, too, ya know!

    Side note: A very good friend of mine is flying to Anchorage tomorrow with his kids. I expect all of you Alaskans to be on your best behavior!


  2. frznagn says:

    True. But what amazes me is how quiet it is on the left. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what would’ve happened if O’Reilly, Rush or Hannity did this! It just seems like certain things only matter if it happens to the other party. Both sides are guilty of this to some degree at least. In the end, it’s us that gets screwed over by party politics.

    I’ll behave, you know me! Why is he coming up here this time of year? Too early to ski, too late to fish….

  3. Mixter says:

    Conference on the “power of purchasing.” Whee.

    I gotta agree with who’s getting screwed. You and me, baby!


  4. frznagn says:

    Haven’t heard of that conference. Let me know how he likes it up here. Right now the weather is wet and cold. The leaves have changed color and when the sun sets on a cloudless day it is really spectacular! I’ll try to get a picture to show you.

    I’m not sure what kind of leisure time he has but I’d recommend a short trip to Beluga point and McHugh Creek. Both are South of Anchorage. He could also keep driving South to Girdwood. We have a ski lodge there and they have a lift you can take to the top to view the area. Very scenic! And there are Beluga Whales in the Inlet on the way down there. If you go a bit further you can visit Portage Glacier. If you travel North you can go to Wasilla (wow) and it’s a bit of a drive but you can go to Matanuska Glacier. Last I knew you can actually walk around on it. Glaciers are really cool and dangerous too! Earthquake Park might be interesting. I’m sure he’ll see downtown where the earthquake hit. If he likes planes he can go North to Elmendorf AFB and watch the planes fly. We even have a few of the new stealth fighters! Kincaid Park is a good place to visit. Moose are everywhere so keep an eye out for them! This is the worst time of year for hitting them- it’s dark and no snow so they blend into the night. I’m sure we don’t have any malls that compare to what he’s used to. As for eating, I’d recommend the Arctic Roadrunner, Moose’s Tooth and Orso’s. They brew their own root beer and vanilla cream soda’s at the last two. I’d get the vanilla cream, it’s the best I’ve ever had!

    Anyways, I really hope he enjoys it up here!!!
    I couldn’t find the pic I wanted (Alaska: Step off the tour bus and into the food chain) but I did find this one:

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