And it’s the right that wants to limit your freedoms?

New York Restaurant Owner ‘Shocked’ Over Ex-President Clinton’s Demands to Remove Chelsea Photo

The owner of a New York City restaurant is “heartbroken” over a letter he received from former President Bill Clinton’s lawyer asking that a photograph of daughter Chelsea be removed from his eatery — or face legal action.

For doing what? Restaurants all over the place post pictures with famous people. Now it is illegal?

The photo, taken of the former first daughter with Osso Buco owner Nino Selimaj, has been on display in the window of the Greenwich Village haunt for about five years, the restaurateur said. It was snapped when Chelsea, now 27, was having dinner there with a group of about 30 friends.

Why now? C’mon, it’s been 5 years! Ahh, could it have anything to do with Mommy running for prez?

“We ask that you immediately remove that picture and any and all pictures displaying Ms. Clinton,” the letter warns. “We reserve the right to exercise any and all options available to us if you refuse to comply.”

“Any and all”? Damn! Sounds like someone is threatening war with the restaurant! Ahh, the freedom loving left. Who’d thought that?? It’s just a friggin picture! What harm is there?

I saw another article that I was going to put here this morning and I can’t find it now. So, I’ll just ask one question. Why does it seem that the governments that restrict the most freedoms are leftist? Cuba, Venezuela, China, Myanmar….. it’s a long list, no?


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