Ever wonder…

why an illegal (Rep) lobbyist like Jack Abramoff gets front-page news constantly but the illegal (Dem) donor Norman Hsu barely gets any press?

If I just stuck to my usual lefty sites, I’d never have heard of Hsu. Funny how that works!

Illegal is illegal, law comes before party affiliation. If we could just remember and follow that then we’d all be better off!


2 Responses to Ever wonder…

  1. Mixter says:

    They had stories about Hsu all over CNN and on BBC radio. I wouldn’t necessarily call that a media blackout.


  2. frznagn says:

    You forgot Fox News. šŸ˜›

    I know, but my point was that certain people were fuming over illegal money flowing on the right and here comes along Hsu with more illegal money and these same people weren’t fuming. What gives? Is illegal money flowing in one party any different than when it flows in another? I would think that it would. I’m pretty curious as to why the silence. If it is an issue that truly bothers one, and not one just used for party politics, then one would condemn it no matter which party was involved.

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