Can you say “Bribe your way into office”?

September 29, 2007

I knew you could!!!

Clinton: $5,000 for Every U.S. Baby

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday that every child born in the United States should get a $5,000 “baby bond” from the government to help pay for future costs of college or buying a home.

Talk about bribes! Have a baby? Then have $5,000!!! Will there be any protections to make sure the money isn’t squandered somewhere else?

Clinton, her party’s front-runner in the 2008 race, made the suggestion during a forum hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus.

Since blacks have a higher birth rate (17.4 vs 13.9 per 1,000) than whites, then it would look like blacks would benefit more. Talk about targeting a group! Or was that pandering? You decide.

“I like the idea of giving every baby born in America a $5,000 account that will grow over time, so that when that young person turns 18 if they have finished high school they will be able to access it to go to college or maybe they will be able to make that downpayment on their first home,” she said.

Or their first Cadillac…

The New York senator did not offer any estimate of the total cost of such a program or how she would pay for it. Approximately 4 million babies are born each year in the United States.

Well, it would be $20,000,000,000 just for the bonds itself. Not to mention the huge increase in government to run the program. Refresh my memory for me, but isn’t it the Dems that hate big government?

Clinton said such an account program would help people get back to the tradition of savings that she remembers as a child, and has become harder to accomplish in the face of rising college and housing costs.

Since when is it the governments job to put money in my bank for me? Maybe if they they had teachers that could teach and had classes on accounting and finance that were mandatory… it might help. Maybe it’d be better if they’d fix the reason for rising costs instead?

She argued that wealthy people “get to have all kinds of tax incentives to save, but most people can’t afford to do that.”

Everybody has reasons to save. And if you pay taxes, then you have incentives to save. You don’t have to be rich.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” said Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, an Ohio Democrat who attended the event and has already endorsed Clinton. “Every child born in the United States today owes $27,000 on the national debt, why not let them come get $5,000 to grow until their 18?”

If you think $27,000 debt minus $5,000 savings equals $22,000 debt then go to the back of the class. The $5,000 adds to the national debt! So all you’re doing is increasing the amount they are born with! $32,000 is an improvement? What dolts!!!!

Earlier this month, Time magazine proposed a $5,000 baby bond program.

So all she’s doing is using someone else’s idea as her own? Why am I not surprised?

Gripe of the day

September 27, 2007

Don’t you just hate it when you get a credit card and within a few months you start getting those ‘Changes to the Account’ letters in the mail? If you ask me, they ought to be illegal. What good is it if you sign an agreement and they get to change it at will? Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?

Maybe we should fill out our own changes and send them to the credit card companies. I remember seeing a letter from a company I used to work for and it was from a person replying to a bill. It went something like this: ‘Will you please stop sending bills? I  have no money.”

If only that worked!

And it’s the right that wants to limit your freedoms?

September 26, 2007

New York Restaurant Owner ‘Shocked’ Over Ex-President Clinton’s Demands to Remove Chelsea Photo

The owner of a New York City restaurant is “heartbroken” over a letter he received from former President Bill Clinton’s lawyer asking that a photograph of daughter Chelsea be removed from his eatery — or face legal action.

For doing what? Restaurants all over the place post pictures with famous people. Now it is illegal?

The photo, taken of the former first daughter with Osso Buco owner Nino Selimaj, has been on display in the window of the Greenwich Village haunt for about five years, the restaurateur said. It was snapped when Chelsea, now 27, was having dinner there with a group of about 30 friends.

Why now? C’mon, it’s been 5 years! Ahh, could it have anything to do with Mommy running for prez?

“We ask that you immediately remove that picture and any and all pictures displaying Ms. Clinton,” the letter warns. “We reserve the right to exercise any and all options available to us if you refuse to comply.”

“Any and all”? Damn! Sounds like someone is threatening war with the restaurant! Ahh, the freedom loving left. Who’d thought that?? It’s just a friggin picture! What harm is there?

I saw another article that I was going to put here this morning and I can’t find it now. So, I’ll just ask one question. Why does it seem that the governments that restrict the most freedoms are leftist? Cuba, Venezuela, China, Myanmar….. it’s a long list, no?

Welcome to America!

September 24, 2007

Now get the F**K out!

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was treated to a humiliating and public dressing down when he appeared at a top US university Monday, where he was described as a “petty and cruel dictator.”

Booed, cheered and strongly challenged on his views on the Holocaust, Ahmadinejad seemed to take the challenges in his stride, but complained of “unfriendly treatment” at the hands of the New York university.

And how would Bush be treated in Iran? I’ll bet my paycheck it’d be worse!!

But before he even spoke, the Iranian leader, whose appearance had sparked outrage notably among US politicians and the Jewish community, sat through 10 minutes of broadsides from university president Lee Bollinger.

Not fair. Let the guy speak first!

“We do not believe in nuclear weapons. Period. It goes against the whole grain of humanity,” he said.

Why all the secrecy then? You proudly display your weapons with ‘Down with the USA’ on the sides of them and brag that you’ve built them all in Iran. With all the bragging you expect us not to believe that you wouldn’t want the ultimate weapon? Bullshit.

In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country,” he said to howls and boos. “In Iran we don’t have this phenomenon, I don’t know who told you this.”

How about this? Does he really mean they don’t have any homosexuals or is it that their homosexuals aren’t like ours? And if he’s right, they don’t have any- it’s because they’ve hung them all.

“We think that talk of war is a propaganda tool. Why is there a need for a war?” he asked.

How about this? There is a need for war because you will profit from it.

So, he came, he saw, he ranted. Did anybody really learn anything from this? Was there anything new in what he said? Nope. Same blather, different day. He can’t even admit that the Holocaust exists even when there is more proof of that than just about any other event in human history. So, why do people like Obama think that if they talk to Ahmadinejad that he would change his mind about anything? What has he ever changed his mind about?

Time for some fun

September 20, 2007

I saw someone playing this while I was on vacation. Check it out, it’s fun to play!

More blather or creating fear?

September 19, 2007

And everyone talks about how Bushco creates fear. Hate to break it to you, but lots of fear and threats come from elsewhere too.

Zionist regime’s allies to receive response on World Qods Day

Supporters of the Zionist regime will receive their response during the world Qods Day’s rallies, government spokesman, Gholam-Hossein Elham, said Wednesday.

Qods Day is held each year on the last Friday of Muslims fasting month of Ramadan after it was nominated by the late Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, as a day to voice the protest of the Islamic Ummah against the Zionists.

The day falls on October 12 this year.

“The US loses all opportunities to cooperate with regional and other world states by trying to support a regime (the Zionist regime) which is now at its weakest political and social position,” Elham said.

 Referring to the approaching World Qods Day, the spokesman stressed, “Supporters of the Zionist regime will definitely receive the final response for their support on that day.”

Well, if this doesn’t have doomsday written all over it then I don’t know what does. Or are they saying they will just stop speaking to Israel forever? Hmm. Fat chance. Ramadan is such a nice ‘Holy’ time. Isn’t this when the Muslims try their best to get killed because they are guaranteed to get into Heaven? Ahh, the wonderful ‘religion of peace’.

John Edwards is MIA

September 19, 2007

Where the heck is this guy? The last few items I’ve seen from his family have been from his wife. Just exactly who is running for President anyways? Him or her????

Edwards’ Wife Bashes Clinton Health Plan

“Does Mrs. Clinton’s plan seem very familiar to you?” Edwards said in an interview with The Associated Press. “Mrs. Clinton has—seven and a half months after John unveiled his health care plan—unveiled a health care plan that is in every material respect just like John’s.”

Edwards calls Clinton’s plan “John Edwards’ health care plan as delivered by Hillary Clinton.”

 What a lightweight. Having his wife do all the hard work. Really pathetic.