Vacation Update!

I’m in San Diego right now and this Global Warming is kicking my butt! I’ve got lots of pics on my website, so if you know where to look then knock yourself out. The directory to look under is Hawaii. (duh!) Those bunks they have for you to sleep in are small! I feel like a friggin slice of bread put into a toaster! They had white curtains in the showers so you could have some privacy… but they changed them to nice, new clear ones after a couple of days. Great. So far nobody’s screamed at my naked butt so it can’t be that bad. šŸ˜›

Space is very limited and walking down the corridors dodging everyone is a real pain, especially when you’re carrying your food tray or something. They have more females on the ship than I expected. Ahh, the stories I could tell you! It’s been real fun, I’ll try to get the good vids up on YouTube or something. I didn’t bring a real video camera so I just used the ‘movie’ mode on my digital camera.

I don’t have much time here and the taxi drivers are suicidal so I won’t be doing too much running around here. Ya’ll take care and I’ll be back ‘soon’.

Missing ya’ll,



5 Responses to Vacation Update!

  1. Jenn says:

    Just got back from 2 weeks in England, and got off the plane in San Diego to a wall of oppressive heat so bad I almost barfed. England was in the 50’s. Welcome to So Cal in Late summer!

  2. frznagn says:

    So Cal was nice, I got sunburned in Hawaii though. I didn’t care for their beaches much, the sand hurt my feet and there is way too much coral near the shore. Call me stupid, but I thought that stuff was further out to sea. I’ll take the beaches in the panhandle of Florida any day over Hawaii. And if you want to surf, just wait for the next hurricane.

  3. Hey-can you send me the link to your photos? My email adderss is over there at Mixter’s.

  4. Mixter says:

    I accidentally deleted your e-mail to you photo page. Please send it again, and this time I’ll try not to be a dumbass!


  5. frznagn says:

    Ok, you should have it now.

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