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Prosecutor Appeals After Judge Drops Rape Charges Against Liberian Over Lack of Interpreter

The prosecutor in the case of a Liberian native charged with repeatedly raping and molesting a 7-year-old girl said Monday that he is filing an appeal of a controversial judge’s ruling that dismissed all charges because an interpreter who spoke the suspect’s rare West African dialect could not be found.

I wonder if this would work if I went to  a foreign country? NOT!Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy called the ruling last Tuesday by Judge Katherine Savage “improper,” adding that his office has “requested that an appeal be taken to reverse the court’s order.”

Savage ruled on July 17 that Mahamu Kanneh, a Liberian who received asylum in the U.S. and attended high school and community college here, was denied a speedy trial after three years awaiting a court-appointed interpreter who could speak the tribal language of Vai. Linguists estimate that only 100,000 people speak Vai.

You know, if you can attend high school and college, then you should be able to know enough of the language. This is nothing but bullshit! 100,000 people and you can’t find any of them to help you?

McCarthy charged the delays cited in Savage’s order to dismiss the “result of the court locating a qualified interpreter,” and not the fault of the prosecutor.

“The fact is on four separate occasions this court provided Vai interpreters,” McCarthy said, adding that one of the interpreters had agreed to participate in further proceedings.

So how can you justify the dismissal if you have the interpreters? I’ve heard justice is blind… but this?

Court records, meanwhile, show that an interpreter was “sworn” by a Maryland court on the same day Savage dismissed the case, FOXNews.com has learned.

A review by FOX News of the audio from that hearing shows, however, that an interpreter was present throughout the entire court proceeding, during which time Kanneh’s lawyer, Theresa Chernosky, argued that her client had not been able to get a good job because of unresolved rape charges.

I’ve had a good record and still had a hard time getting a good job.

The report states that Kanneh was born in Monrovia, Liberia, on May 19, 1984, but at a “very young” age moved with his family as refugees to Guyana, where he was introduced to English (Guyana is an English speaking country in South America, a former Dutch colony that later became a British possession before independence in 1966).

If you’ve been around English speaking people since you were that young, then you’d know the language quite a bit.

“We found Mr. Kanneh to be responsive and able to meaningfully participate in the screening interview,” the report continues. “Likewise, we would anticipate that he will be able to adequately assist defense counsel especially if time is taken to explain to him matters or events that he does not readily grasp because of his language/cultural background.”

What the hell does culture have to do with anything? These are our laws and you are in our country. My son just left Singapore and he said there was a stiff fine for spitting. He spits all the time here, but I’m betting he didn’t spit over there! And if he did and got caught, do you think they give a rats ass about his culture? Fuck no! Remember that kid who got caned? We don’t cane people here but that didn’t stop them! Take your fucking culture and stick it up your fucking ass! Is it your culture that makes it ok to rape 7 year olds? If so, get your fucking ass out of our country! And the rest of you with that ‘culture’!

The Washington Post wrote in its article that in just one night reporters were independently able to identify three Vai translators available to assist in the case. It noted that the need for interpreters has risen starkly in Montgomery County, Md., with the court system spending $1 million in interpreters in 2006, or 10 times the amount it spent in 2000.

Your tax dollars at work. C’mon and move to our country. We’ll adapt to your every need! No need to learn English or work either!!! Tax the rich and pay for the support of child rapists!!! It’s the new ‘American Way’!


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