The Internet is now “Not Safe”!

Well, for Harry Potter fans.



It now seems confirmed that photos of the entire Book 7 have been uploaded to file sharing sites on the internet.

Beware of where you visit on the Internet today if you do not want to know who dies in Book 7!

I’ll make two predictions:

1. Snape is ‘good’.

2. Harry dies.


2 Responses to The Internet is now “Not Safe”!

  1. tas says:

    At work, a few of the girls are buzzing about the final book. I try to provide buzzkill in my own special way.. Which I’m surprised hasn’t caused any bruises yet, since it’s certainly gotten me hit. “Hey, I heard Harry gets AIDS and dies!” [whap!]

  2. frznagn says:

    Didn’t he give the clap to Hermione and Ron got pissed and killed Harry?

    Not to give it away, but I was right on at least one of these predictions. The book was great, the first 320 pages or so was ok but it really picked up speed after that. The movie (if they don’t ruin it) is going to kick ass! The CG people are going to go friggin’ nuts! JKR really did weave a good tale.

    I sure hope she doesn’t quit writing. Really, when is the last time you’ve seen kids line up at midnight to buy a book? I know you like to read and this may not be your favorite subject, but maybe the next time you have a bit too much anger and you can’t seem to get rid of it- try reading the first book. Maybe it’ll help. I didn’t get sucked into it until the third book. I was hooked then.

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