Whatever happened to the ‘Vow of Poverty’?

Nebraska Archdiocese Sues Nun Accused of Stealing Church Funds

In April the archdiocese sued Sister Barbara Markey in an effort to recover $820,000 the archdiocese says she stole as director of the archdiocese’s Catholic Family Life Office.

Bad Nun! Bad, bad, bad!

She was initially sued in April. This week the archdiocese filed a lawsuit against 11 of her relatives for a total of $73,800. They were not accused of theft, but the lawsuit says they benefited from the money, gifts or other items from Markey.

What if you didn’t know the money was stolen?

A third lawsuit was filed in Park County, Colo., seeking a lien against a house there that has a tax valuation of $262,000. The archdiocese says Markey spent some of its money on the vacation home owned by members of her family, under the incorporated name of Bally Markey.

I’ll comment on this at the end.

Criminal court documents say at least $67,656 of the total was spent at casinos.

What? Not Bingo? Bad Nun!

She has denied any crime and has explained her spending as “complex accounting.”

LOL! Let me guess, it’s the ‘Enron’ system of accounting?

We have an Archbishop up here that wants to have a house built for him. It would be about 6,000 sq ft. If I’m correct, he’s taken a vow of poverty too. A house like that up here would be valued at least $500,000. From what I’ve heard, the rent for his current place is about $4,000 a month right now. I don’t like this guy. I don’t want to say his name so I’ll just call him Archbishop S (or AB S for short). Our priest, Fr. Giebel, just passed away on Fathers Day. My wife and son were with him. He had been battling AB S on some issues, and won. But AB S made his life difficult. Each time the AB would do something, it would seem that Fr. Giebel would have health issues, probably from the stress. The last letter that Fr. Giebel got from the AB was one stating that all of his homilies would have to be approved by someone else. Fr. Giebel has been doing Mass up here since 1975! Why would he all of a sudden need someone else to ‘approve’ his homilies? An hour before his death, while he laid on his bed, he was still talking about the letter. Obviously, the letter really hurt him. As far as we are all concerned up here, AB S caused Fr. Giebels death.

I’ve always hated it when movies made the Church look bad/evil, but now I can understand why. I still don’t like it though. There are bad people everywhere. Should we get rid of law enforcement because of a few bad cops? Nope!

Here’s an older pic of him with my two kids. (before we adopted the others)

He was a great Priest, may the Lord have mercy on the AB’s soul for what he has done.


3 Responses to Whatever happened to the ‘Vow of Poverty’?

  1. Mixter says:

    What? Not Bingo? Bad Nun!

    Good one!

    One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch. I’m not personally into organized religion, but most clergy live the life they vowed to lead, and for that I commend them.


  2. frznagn says:

    Thanks Mix! Do you know anybody that knows how to get rid of an Archbishop?

  3. Mixter says:

    Sorry, can’t help you there!


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