Is Fox News Biased?

Presidential Candidates Missing Votes

Brit Hume reports:

The six senators running for president have missed a total of 131 votes so far this year — about 17 percent — while they have been out campaigning.

 If you’re wondering how the candidates stack up: John McCain has missed the most Senate votes this year — 42 of 126 — 33 percent. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have missed the fewest: three apiece.

Yeah, he sure slams those Dems!


2 Responses to Is Fox News Biased?

  1. Is Fox News Biased?

    Does a bear sh*t in the woods?

    Is the Pope Catholic?

    (ya know, I really should know more of those… but I am out after two. Oye, old age. lol)

  2. frznagn says:

    Yes. Most of the time.


    Lets see you admit it. Brit was fair in his reporting on this subject. C’mon, you can do it!

    Fox News doesn’t just bash the left.

    I might though.

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