Guns are better than Pills?

According to Kagro x at the Daily Kos site, yes!

” Best possible way to get arrested, I say. Beats Viagra smuggling by a mile, eh Rush?”

So have a bottle of Viagra at the airport and the lefties go nuts but have a gun at the Senate building and it’s the ‘best possible way to get arrested’? If I didn’t know better I’d say that sounds like some wingnut saying that. And if I recall correctly, that last incident at the airport was legal and no charges were filed. But no matter, hit and run while you can, eh?


2 Responses to Guns are better than Pills?

  1. I always find it funny that you read DailyKos more than I do… well I don’t go there more than when a random link gets me there.

  2. frznagn says:

    I’ve been there about 4 times that I can recall of. Usually just checking to see what they have to say about a certain issue. I’m amazed at the silence of some issues. I thought that certain issues like Iran taking hostages would get everyone upset. But you look at people like Rosie and well, it’s disappointing.

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