British Sailors May Be Tried

March 31, 2007

Iran’s ambassador to Russia said the case of the 15 British sailors held by Iran has entered a legal phase but denied that he said the sailors could be put on trial, the country’s official news agency IRNA reported Saturday.

The Iranian embassy delivered a letter to the Britain’s Foreign Office Thursday that asked the government to acknowledge its sailors had trespassed into Iranian waters and confirm it would not happen again.

The Foreign Office spokeswoman confirmed Saturday that Britain had replied to the letter, but declined to reveal the nature of the response.

Unconfirmed reports show that this was the official reply:


If not, then it should’ve been!

Where is the Condemnation?

March 30, 2007

Iran has taken 15 Britons hostage and paraded them on TV for the world to see. They talk about how well they are treated and at least one of them writes about how the UK and USA should leave Iraq.


Well, besides Rosie and the other far-lefties.

When pictures of Saddam and Iraqi POWs were shown on TV lots of lefties complained about violating the Geneva Conventions. Ok, now Iran is doing the same thing, actually worse because it contains audio. And there isn’t anyone on the left complaining? Why not???

Is it because the GC only applies to the West? Or is it because Iran isn’t run by Bush? Or are they afraid that if they speak out that they will be targeted by fanatics?  How can you take the left seriously when they take a stand on an issue (showing pow’s on tv is a big no-no) and yet only complain about it when our government does it? If it is bad then complain about both!  Are you for equal/fair treatment of the rules or are you just against our own country?

I don’t expect any replies that will actually address these issues. Maybe name calling and finger-pointing and some mis-direction, but no real answers. Yup, bash Bush, move on, repeat….

Guns are better than Pills?

March 29, 2007

According to Kagro x at the Daily Kos site, yes!

” Best possible way to get arrested, I say. Beats Viagra smuggling by a mile, eh Rush?”

So have a bottle of Viagra at the airport and the lefties go nuts but have a gun at the Senate building and it’s the ‘best possible way to get arrested’? If I didn’t know better I’d say that sounds like some wingnut saying that. And if I recall correctly, that last incident at the airport was legal and no charges were filed. But no matter, hit and run while you can, eh?

Liberal Bias strikes again!

March 29, 2007


If you don’t see the bias then you need to get your eyes checked. Did you happen to notice that the ‘Yes’ is much larger than the ‘No’?  And would you call that a flattering photo of him too?

Here’s what I have to say:

How About

Iran has an “Inconvenient Tourist” Program

March 26, 2007

Yes, you to can be inconvenienced and made a tourest by Iran.

All you have to do is be in the military and go near their territorial waters. It’s easy, simple and fun! You get to tour all their latest prison facilities and experience their interrogation procedures. No need to worry about torture or abuse too! Since they are so appalled by the treatment from the West that they’ll never stoop to their level.

“Britain is trying not to dramatise the detention of the naval personnel – arrested by Iranian Revolutionary Guards in coastal waters on the border between Iran and Iraq on Friday – for fear of making the issue more difficult to resolve at a time when the world’s big powers are seeking to convince Iran to return to negotiations over its nuclear programme.”

Right. And if we did this to the Iranians they’d do the same? Nope. They’d be screaming, threatening and demanding their release. Yes, those peace loving muslims would be showing their colors then.

Dems Packing at the Senate

March 26, 2007

An aide to Sen. Jim Webb was arrested Monday when he entered a Senate office building with a loaded pistol

“To our knowledge, this incident was an oversight,” the office said in a statement.

Right. And if it were a Republican they’d have a field day with this one!  No big deal, it’s just a gun. If it were a bottle of pills at the airport then we’d have a ‘real’ story. Move along now, nothing to see here.

Pity Parade Time!

March 22, 2007

Anti-war protesters arrested at Pelosi’s office.

“We’re just heartbroken that Nancy Pelosi has decided to keep funding George Bush’s war, and now the war belongs to the Democrats as well as the Republicans,” said Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin. “We thought we were going to get a change when they came into power.”

Welcome to the world of politics. They’ll say anything to get elected! And you fell for it too!

Rob BeatEvilPower